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The Pole-2-Polls project reminds us all to vote in a colorful way by yarn-bombing utility poles with knitted Vote! banners.


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Vote! Install on Utility poles

Before you set out:

Wood Utility Pole


  • Scout your location and utility pole
  • High car and/or foot traffic areas are best 
  • To choose a pole(s) consider the amount of car and pedestrian traffic in both directions then decide where Vote! should be placed for best visibility
  • If installing more than one Vote! remember they stand out don't place close together instead spread them around your area 
  • Ask a friend to join you it is faster, easier and more fun but it can be done solo as well


What you will need:

  • Vote! packet  (double check that you have cable ties in your bag)
  • Scissors
  • Cell phone or pen and paper to write on 






            You will have 4 cable ties to seam down the back

            You will have 4 cable ties to seam down the back

  1. Pick your utility pole bands will not stay in place effectively on metal
  2. Decide angle of placement (ex. VOTE! faces more toward car traffic or pedestrian) 
  3. Be sure VOTE! is right side up
  4. Position as high as possible on pole
  5. Do not cover anything that looks official
  6. Join the band at the back by tying the yarn at top of each end together to secure Vote! in place 
  7. Stretch the band around the pole and pull the ends together to meet in back and create a seam (see above photo)
    1. If band is too small do the best you can to meet the ends and tighten
    2. If band is too large bring the top corner strings of yarn around either side to the front, tighten and secure the sign, tie the strings in a bow so they can be re-adjusted, tuck them under the sign) 
  8. Loop cable ties from one end across to the other and tighten be sure you place cable ties through all layers
  9. Place 4 cable ties down the back evenly spaced to the bottom seam the back as well as you can and make as tight as possible
  10. Re-tie top and tighten if necessary
  11. Tuck in the ties from the top so nothing is dangling

Before you leave:

Email a photo of your pole to unfortunately phone number can't accept photos

If you can't text make note of the site and contact us with your location info later

Make sure you leave nothing behind in the area

Thanks for going to the poles and helping us remind everyone to cast his or her vote!

IMPORTANT!  All material must be removed after the election.