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The Pole-2-Polls project reminds us all to vote in a colorful way by yarn-bombing utility poles with knitted Vote! banners.


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Commonwealth Court


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Commonwealth Court

ACT Pliqué

Background Information published in the Post Gazette on April 29, 2015

Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court

"The opening on the court will come from the mandatory retirement of now President Judge Dan Pellegrini, who will turn 70 in September. Each of the candidates in the race was rated as “recommended” by the Pennsylvania Bar Association and has a long history of practicing before the Commonwealth Court, which is one of two intermediate appellate courts in the Keystone state. It serves as both a trial court for cases involving lawsuits filed by or against the commonwealth, and as a reviewing court for regulatory agencies, local and state governments. Two Democrats and one Republican are vying for the $191,926 annual position. Judges on the court face retention votes every 10 years. Candidates are: Michael H. Wojcik, Paul N. Lalley and Todd Eagen."

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