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The Pole-2-Polls project reminds us all to vote in a colorful way by yarn-bombing utility poles with knitted Vote! banners.


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What's new at Pole-2-Polls?


How to Vote! Information and Pole-2-Polls Updates

What's new at Pole-2-Polls?

ACT Pliqué

When we launched Pole-2-Polls last year we learned on the go and had great ambitions.  BUT this year we ran out of time and resources for 2015.   So - What are we up to now?

For This November 3rd Election: We will continue to collect information from media outlets and post the links on our website and blog to make it easier for voters to find info in one place and make informed decisions.  BUT we are suspending any other organized activity (yarn-bombing) to re-organize and re-group.  We will update the Facebook page regularly please like and share!

Looking ahead to 2016: We are re-tooling our approach and expanding signage by adding Vote! lawn signs to the mix so that folks who are not comfortable yarn bombing utility poles can still spread the word.  A pattern will be available January, 2016.  

  • In conjunction with Art Advocacy Speaks:Art for Social Change Pole-2-Polls will be housed in the Spinning Plate Gallery September, 2016 and we will make Vote! signs.  Folks will be able to drop in see some thought provoking art and either make or take a Vote! sign.
  • We are going to collaborate with John and Tina Brewer to make signs at the The Coliseum in Homewood in fall, 2016.
  • We are expanding our reach beyond the region to encourage anyone and everyone to make any kind of sign that promotes voting.  Stay tuned...
  • We have fabulous colorful cards to distribute designed by the awesome Martha Wasik 
  • We will explore partnerships throughout the year and start making signage this winter so we will be adequately prepared to cover the area with signage in 2016. 

Because it is a presidential election we believe we are in a good position to educate people about why it is so important to vote and have the potential to make a lasting impact that we hope will carry over into the congressional and judicial elections.  Join us!!