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The Pole-2-Polls project reminds us all to vote in a colorful way by yarn-bombing utility poles with knitted Vote! banners.


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Voter Information


How to Vote! Information and Pole-2-Polls Updates

Voter Information

ACT Pliqué

We all want to make informed decisions about who we vote for but finding information on candidates can be time consuming, challenging and downright frustrating.  This is our first attempt to synthesize election material for voter reference. We hope to be a clearinghouse of information from a variety of media sources.  All you need on one website, just a click away. We started with traditional newspaper outlets but hope to expand as we grow.

Below are the links to info on each race in Allegheny County.  Click on the link and you will be directed to the corresponding blog post.  If you have other source material you think we should include please post a comment or send an email to

Pole-2-Polls info Pittsburgh School Board Candidates:
Pole-2-Polls info Pennsylvania Supreme Court Candidates:
Pole-2-Polls info Allegheny County Court of Common Pleas: 
Pole-2-Polls info Commonwealth Court: 
Pole-2-Polls info City and County Controllers:
Pole-2-Polls info Allegheny County Council:
Pole-2-Polls info Pittsburgh City Council: