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The Pole-2-Polls project reminds us all to vote in a colorful way by yarn-bombing utility poles with knitted Vote! banners.


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We're Back and on the Southside of Pittsburgh

ACT Pliqué

After a hiatus we are back in full swing and currently housed at the Brewhouse Gallery 711 21st Southside of Pittsburgh.  We'll be there 11:00 - 2:00 pm July 14, August 4, September 15, and October 6. Join us!

Parking tips:  Spots are usually available, including free spots most times. 

21st Street cars park in the middle of the street for free

21st Street driving up from Carson St, there is on-street parking which is free after you cross Mary (metered or 2 hr up until that point).

Josephine Street has free parking 

There is an accessible space available next to the building, 

For loading there are places next to the staircase on Mary Street where you can pull over in case you can't find a spot right out front